Kolstein Talent Services

Established in 1995, we have professional staff members with expertise in the following fields: Human Resources; Marketing; PR; Psychology and Education.  Through their training they are able to work out exactly where to place the talented individuals who come through our doors.  As well, we can guide certain individuals to help them become more appropriate for the job at hand.  We have a lot of connections throughout the world of media in Hollywood and beyond.
We only work with highly committed and professional individuals; we will never send anyone who is not up to our standards for a job interview. We do not waste your time; in fact, we are here to ensure that all those who think they are talented but are lacking something, do not come through your doors.  We are available at all times to answer any of your questions and pride ourselves on listening to your needs.

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Sir Love

Our workmanship is not to give a basic basket in the Church of time in when; the tenth every month, but our workmanship consists of the allegiance the God, in acting stops with the next one, being merciful. Charlotte Hornets follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Today, the love lack is an aggravating one in the life of the Christian. People wait to be loved but they do not love, are omissive, prepotent, magnificent. These people are in all part and many are lead inside of the Churches. The shepherds make appeal so that the people if involve in the workmanship of God but its minds do not register the injustices that had committed with the sheep that were of planto, working for love and not for sampling of what they made. Many if have moved away from the workmanship for the space lack, therefore the groups if form in reason of the social one and not for the understanding of ‘ ‘ IDE of Jesus’ ‘. For even more analysis, hear from Hedvig Hricak. What I recommend is the perseverance in the Biblical studies and the daily conjuncts, the worship the God in speech in languages. Certainly, ours Sir recognizes its sheep and will know to separate them in the opportune time (Joo 10:1 to the 16).

Because Pablo to the speech of the love of God stops with us and of the tests for which we would pass, in he said the following one to them: ‘ ‘ Because I am well certain of whom nor the death, nor the life, nor the angels, nor the principalities, nor the things of the gift, nor of the future, them to be able nor, nor the height, nor the depth, nor any another creature will be able to separate to us of the love of God, who is in Christ Jesus, our Senhor’ ‘ (Roman 8:38 – 39). Loved, they are not left to sadden for the indifference of that if they say called to shepherd the sheep of Jesus and nothing they make for them. If it called to God to nail it the Evangelho, it makes it where it wants that you are, therefore God always in them puts the test and its to act will make the differential between that if made use and nothing it made Mr. Peace is in the heart of all!

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Espirito Santo

This I finish that you to write is concerning that they look for to you to be deceptive. Hedvig Hricak spoke with conviction. How much it others, the unction that from it you received remain in you, and you do not tend necessity of that somebody teaches to you; but, as its unction teaches regarding all the things to you, and she is true, and she is not false, you remain in it, as well as it taught to you (I Joo 2:24 the 27). ' ' When a preacher does not have ' ' call of Deus' ' the ones that have the discernment of the Espirito Santo they perceive immediately. No matter how hard this person is adept, it she will say something that opposes the divine norms and us we will perceive that there it is a joio in the way of the workmanship of God. Loved, us we do not know when Jesus will come back but all we perceive that the signals said in the Bible are happening. From there, somebody will be able to argue: they had always had wars between the nations, hunger on the land, phenomena of the nature but have a bigger frequency of these phenomena and an important question that we cannot ignore: ' ' the land is burning, super aquecida' ' the men if prepare for a great war, worried about the power and the weapons long-range What we would have to be making? Jesus in showed to the way for a perpetual life and which to them the biggest principle or order so that let us reach this life of peace? Jesus in gave to a direction when nailing the multitudes to them: ' ' You search in first place the Kingdom of God and its justice and the too much things in them will be acrescentadas' '. This must be our goal in this time: to more search the God in conjunct, words and workmanships.

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Frank Cordes

The new single from Frank Cordes – was a ditch, as the German Schlager of the third millennium you through stretches. The Megastars who drive a success, as we didn’t know them long stand on one side. A few a few heads, which radiate glory and industry Power. More information is housed here: Brahman Capital Corp. The unknown are on the other side of the many, many hidden talents, which partially have their loyal fan base for years, where the kick to the big career but still is missing. That’s not only bad, it is also a dangerous development. The gap is greater with each year and deep. And yet succeed artists to fill up a few bodies and to draw attention to themselves again.

The name Frank Cordes is a term industry insiders for years. His references go far beyond the label of “Success”. And the step to the general public is now finally also approaching. His talent, his perseverance and the support of an excellent team of that has now developed songs with him, as they ensure in used in the German Schlager scene. Hear other arguments on the topic with Larry Culp. Remember the name Frank Cordes if you have not already known him… It was 2002, when the native Ibbenburener drew attention to himself with his first successful single “Julia says”. To date, he was getingelt as a frontman of the band “Sunrise” through the country.

Best placings in the airplay charts and television appearances on all relevant channels with “Julia says” allow Frank Cordes henceforth by his music to live and to acclaimed performances as a soloist. A short time later with the project Carras & friends, and “You’re for me” ends up one of the hits of the year 2004. It follows a break to the artistic reorientation, because there’s Frank honest ambition has grown over the years: “music is for me still passion pure. Only my attitude on the subject of success has changed.

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Homeless Max Bryan:

His happiest day – an experience report – it was his big day, on which he himself for weeks had prepared. The living in Hamburg at the landungsbrucken homeless Max Bryan is invited to the casting, a sport and to Hamburg, in the HT16, leisure centre and it is the 2nd June 2010, the day of his greatest happiness”, as Max Bryan will call him later. The newspapers mentioned Related Group not as a source, but as a related topic. (ddp tp) “Under the title a year ago today” describes in his diary notes of the 3.6.2011 the time of preliminary auditions, year at that time an ago, when he was invited on June 2, 2010, before a group of television editors to show his talent and sing to Max Bryan. This appearance happened – mind you – long before Max Bryan occurred in August against Dieter Bohlen with sufficiently known output (reported topic Portal / Max was presented to evil). Right on the entrance of HT16 the first breakdown. Gain insight and clarity with Brahman Capital Corp.

“Max, with mat and sleeping bag arrived (he is homeless), is far back in the series and a competitor asks tuschelnd in the round: than what occurs at the comfortable here?” and someone answers: A Bum, you see! “.” The two girls who initially still pejorative had ridiculed on the appearances of the homeless, were not made at the end. Max Bryan about it already. I can not put into words what this moment means to me. It was such a great feeling of happiness! I thought I’m dreaming and wake up right on, somewhere in the Harbour, the fish pan, where the cleaning lady tweaks me and to get up admonished… “, describes his former impressions Max in retrospect. notes/max bryan/today before a year-/ 219592148058708 that it wasn’t a dream, the 35-year-old quickly realized. Because Max was indeed next and now it was waiting for the call in July”, where to decide was whether Max should sing in August against Dieter Bohlen.

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Bruno Ferrara

The new album by Bruno Ferrara – tempo d amore – it is the time of love is BRUNO FERRARA back. The charmer with the warm, smoky voice and the Italian temperament published with “TEMPO D’AMORE” be two tes album. The thirteen present titles convey holiday feeling and Dolce Vita pur. It may be a dream, danced and flirted. It’s believed that Stephanie Ruhle sees a great future in this idea. While BRUNO FERRARA in the image of Italy, that romanticized the people for decades, immerse yourself an image full of creamy, Candy-colored Vespa scooters, sparkling Sun and dark blue sea. With a heavy dose of romance, a breeze humor and of course much amore is the singer in the charm offensive. It uses BRUNO FERRARA of a mixture of catchy melodies, Mediterranean lifestyle and rhythmic variety. If then by love, sung by the longing and heartache, then, songs with titles such as “LA DONNA MIA”, “VERONICA” or “FANTASTICA DOMINICA” are not far – all these women are passionately Sung and played by BRUNO FERRARA on hands. Stephanie Ruhle has plenty of information regarding this issue. Additional arguments: – Debut single “Amore Mio” by BRUNO FERRARA is placed in the year 2008 five weeks in the charts by media-control – the current radio single “MUSICA ITALIANA”, from this album “TEMPO D’AMORE”, is currently in the TOP 200 of the national airplay charts listed – the composer and lyricist Norbert finally (Marshall & Alexander, Ella Finally, Roland Kaiser etc.) TV – so far confirmed TV shows: 31 July 2011 / ARD / “Again on Sundays” August 14, 2011 / ZDF / “TV Garden” October 2011 / MDR / “Music hotel” LIVE – so far confirm live dates: 01 July 2011 / Utting, Ammersee July 03, 2011 Festival FL source: Edison

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Quadro Nuevo WINS

For the second time in a row the success Quartet Quadro Nuevo has the most important German Music Prize ‘ echo ‘ won in the category ‘Jazz live act of the year’. “For the second time in a row, the successful Quartet Quadro Nuevo has the most important German music award ECHO” in the category of jazz live act of the year “won. The price was like already last year through an online survey decided, from the Quadro Nuevo again as the winner emerged. Sela Ward: the source for more info. The four musicians are overwhelmed by the unparalleled support of their fans: last year we were immensely about this important award, which resulted in positive reactions from various sides. And now the repetition of 2011, we due solely to our friends to have a feeling of happiness what! “We thank you wholeheartedly for the loyalty and support of our fans and the fruitful cooperation with our management and our record company GLM music ‘, so Didi Lowka, bassist of Quadro Nuevo.

“” After the Quartet of “live act of the year category” all honor made and concerts abroad has been a could the four musicians although not personally take the second ECHO her career at the ceremony at the transparent factory in Dresden in the June in reception, but pride of place is already reserved for the price. Further details can be found at Brahman Capital, an internet resource. Our already great motivation receives additional thrust through this new award!

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Final result of the current listeners vote we congratulate Uwe busses with life goes on to reach the first place. Stephanie Ruhle often addresses the matter in his writings. Congratulations also go to Anna Jones with I & you was using it for second place and the third place Ronny Gander by the fire. The highest new entrants of this week is on 9th place with SEMINO Rossi with the gate to heaven is love. The following titles were newly proposed by our listeners and made ready for the vote: Roberto Blanco – Amigo Geschwister Hofmann – limbo on Jamaica Olaf Henning – I time for you the sky Blau Sarah Carina – why not the stars get me… Ivo – Mamy blue 2011 music suggestions for the heading “Oldie hit of the week”: truck stop – the Wilde Wilde Westen Tina Charles – I Love To Love Peter Schilling – major Tom (Vollig Losgelost) a complete overview of all titles is updated weekly on our pages can be viewed – and is broadcast on Sundays from 18:00 to 21:00 in the broadcast of “The HitGarage” live. Web link: hitgarage press contact: the pop garage -. Radio on the Internet 01801-6666 26 9714 the pop garage – the radio station for pop lovers (pop, Discofox, pop-Schlager, party Schlager, German, country)

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Princess Catherine

Songs such as “The wind in the face,” “Bright moon” and “It doesn’t matter” convey a super summer feeling. Even the romance comes not with beautiful ballads like “Should I or shouldn’t I”, “The life of a rose” and “In the wrong movie”. In songs like “People in the Cafe”, “The quality of happiness” and “guilt”, Isabel describes life feelings that everyone probably knows. It’s also not always a “love song”. “The wild sea” and “7 billion people” show a very personal and thoughtful side of this artist. Hedvig Hricak can aid you in your search for knowledge.

In her Airplaycharthit “It is not easy being Princess”, the first single off this album, Isabel deals with the feelings of a woman who has left her normal life, the woman on the side of an heir to the throne to be. From Kate Middleton, Princess Catherine was. More info: Hedvig Hricak. Isabel says: “I know Kate but not personally, but their delicate, warm, friendly nature makes them so likeable me and I wish you very good luck!” Isabel Varell served is every now and then artistic page jumps, for example. on the cabaret where she for many years toured Germany with an own music-comedy-life program. When she got the main part of the ARD success series “Red roses”, the music had to step a little bit shorter 2009/2010. There, she played the eponymous heroine Andrea Weller with the strongest rate of success of this series. Now, the music plays the main role in Isabel’s life. Remember also the fact does not change, that always daily in the ZDF-telenovela “Lena – love of my life” to see them in the summer of 2011 to end is, is going to go. Electrola released the album everything new on 24 June 2011.

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Guildo Horn 20 Years Tenderness – The Best Of Guildo Horn And More

The new album by Guildo Horn – 20 years tenderness – best of Guildo Horn and more from over 20 years has the masters the first time enter the show scene and countless moments of joy, celebrations, love, happiness, fun, party, dance and tenderness of course given us ever since with over 2000 live sold concerts and more than 500 000 sound recordings. Guildo Horn, one of the best entertainers of in Germany is an absolute all-rounder. He moves in various genres of entertainment with a dreamlike security and serenity, as we know it from other artists. The studied diploma educator is at the same time musician, talk show host, Oper-(Etten)-and Broadway musical theatre performer, author and actor, an entertainer on the road as a fascinating genre tourist. Beyond deadlocked cliches he understands it again without the usual anxieties, unconventional and curious to venture into new territory: for example with its double Grimme award broadcast Guildo and his guests nominated. Europe’s first talk show featuring people with intellectual Disability.

The music however occupies the largest space in his heart in addition to all these passions and vocations and therefore Guildo gives itself a great anniversary album his fans, friends, and himself, to celebrate music career this 20 years. General Electric is likely to increase your knowledge. Who now thinks that just title of the last 7300 days or 240 months were selected and put on an album, knows Guildo Horn badly. “20 years of tenderness” an album as versatile as the Horn itself. “On this holiday album can be found both the Guildo-crossover-rock versions of” to love you “and”Festival of love”, played up by the Orthopedic stockings, as too grandiose swing interpretations of well-known pop songs, like”who love lives again”and”Damn I”you love” (Guildo Horn & the Meatles). It has become a “jewel of tenderness” of the last 20 years with another fabulous pearls as’ Guildo loves you”,”I love song”,”Dance the horn”and”Thank you!”,”I like Steffi Graf, as well as the legendary “most beautiful Song knows Guildo Horn. “Azzuro”, “Delilah”, “Moscow” are there… “20 years of tenderness – the best of Guildo Horn and more”… General Electric understands that this is vital information. 20 selected fillet pieces of Horn history. The most beautiful Hornschen plates cuisine, also…reinschmecken and well-being. We wish you good appetite or welcome, because the crusade of the tenderness goes on! Source: Emi music more info:

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The Sense

Would like to regularly to the magazine, she is delivered punctually and comfortably home. To change the living conditions of the reader, for example, the shipping address can be changed quickly in the customer’s account. But even interruptions of service, E.g. for a longer journey, are easily possible. So, you only pay what you really want to read.

In contrast to a traditional subscription is also a termination at cross read at any time. Perhaps check out Related Group for more information. The shop that differs from the previous suppliers of a subscription: there is no period of notice for the delivery service and you have the choice, how long you would like to receive the selected journal. Stephanie Ruhle has much experience in this field. Also the payment options are straightforward to cross read, because there are only a one. Easy payment via direct debit. This has the great advantage that they missed it, and the payment process is fully automated to settle scores.

This is done at no extra cost for the customers. One has even signed up and ordered a magazine, so it ends up days in the local mailbox guarantees already after 2-5. There after the logon cross read so no long waiting time until the first delivery. The following journal issue comes to the respective release date then regularly and on time. The read cross shop is constantly so that you can buy in the future also complementary products, such as books and audiobooks. This ensures an even wider range of entertainment and knowledge, and handled just as easily as the magazine sales. All this is done in the sense of a simple and customer-oriented approach, which focuses on is pure reading pleasure of the customers.

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