On the 5th of July break “Penguins of Madagascar” in “Operation holiday fun” to an adventurous trip to Hamburg, 12.06.2012 / INPROMO / / apparently, the most famous Penguin elite force in the world has even animal fans in Japan. Almost three months, a Penguin there kept people breathing. He escaped from a zoo in Tokyo and teased the coast guard 82 day long, until he could be recaptured and returned to the Zoo. His animated fellow skipper, Kowalski, Rico and private are meanwhile on one of their numerous breakaways from the Central Park Zoo. Self-built boat to go in the summer holidays. Unfortunately, the four can not so long enjoy freedom of the sea as their Japanese fan.

After they get their travel shortly after takeoff in a severe storm, they end up in New Jersey and will be brought there in the dubious Hoboken Zoo. Contrary to any rumors, life appears there gorgeous. The naive yet always delightfully private, but also Rico and Kowalski, addicted to the supposed land immediately, but skipper remains suspicious. In his research he finds Francis and whose dark secret the anchormen Zoo warden… Who has seen it, can no longer avert his gaze from them. Now seven years, the four smart friends pull the viewer captivated. This autumn, also comes the third part of the “Madagascar” movies. Who so do not want to wait a long time for there from July 5 ‘ penguins of Madagascar operation: holiday fun “; with the episodes “The Hoboken crisis,” reintroduce seven new diaphragm “All or nothing”, “from the mouse”, “Hi Doll”, “The Badgers are going on”, “Claw does not protect against punishment” and “Old enmity does not rust” at paramount home entertainment on DVD.

Mood on rainy days is thus guaranteed. Technical data:-genre: children’s animation film original title: the penguins of Madagascar operation vacation land/year: 2012 United States image format: 1.78-1 audio format: Dolby Digital 5.1:

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