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Albert Ellis

Many people live their lives as victims. Blame for their current condition, their parents, the state, to the stars, or the destination. But as we live our lives as victims, we are not responsible for our actions, nor take responsibility … Continue reading

Rondon Project

They do not exist in these cities election politics, all the books that are donated are incorporated the quantity. Also they do not count on computerization of the quantity, it does not have a computerized program that it allows to … Continue reading

Letter Open

Republic Dominicana22 of April of 2011 Secretariat General Ibero-American ladies and gentlemen: in the month of October there will be a new opportunity to present the theme of road safety State against the leaders of Latin America. The summits of … Continue reading

Suggestions Management

Ultimately faced the reality raised not only in this article, but in the former, the concern that do then manifests itself. Ana Martinez, participant, points out the connection; Suggestions: In a globalized world where competition marks the subsistence in the … Continue reading