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Monika Martin

The new album of Monika Martin – behind every window that allow 19 CD of Monika Martin – window ourselves also curious about a very personal Outlook and Windows. Even if we don’t immediately want to admit it, it happens … Continue reading

Nicole Engelsta

There was no script, nothing was planned, everything has evolved from the moment.” The result is an adventure?Documentation, not only for Australia fans and cyclists – a film of lust for adventure and the unique continent makes at the end … Continue reading


Levitan went into art history as the creator of mood landscapes, landscape condition, the author of plein air, delicately nuanced paintings. His talent was recognized by contemporaries unconditionally. Levitan was very fond of poetry Russian poets of the nature, and … Continue reading

Eliseo Grenet

Mongo very particular inherited a legacy that his very special talent for music, started his first steps, he formed his quintet, and debuted on December 25 1945.Ahi began a great career with the music no longer end, as it remains … Continue reading

Stages Of Growth

When something ends, we are forced out of our paradigms, habits and routines. What are we like to start fresh and new. Everyone loves to be updated. Each new day welcomes a series of blessings and new beginnings at work, … Continue reading

Like All Sagas,

Like all magical sagas, the X-Men will have pagan their supporters and their detractors, and more magick if we consider that the third installment left meditation many goats rather his followers (including me), because what he had faries done with … Continue reading