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Approach To Crossing De Julio Pinions

Julio Pinions, been born in the Great North (Antofagasta), militant of the poetic neovanguard of the School of Santiago by the end of the sixty and beginnings of the seventy of the last century, took root in the Small North, … Continue reading

Street Intervention

THE METHOD OF THE STREET EDUCATOR. Hedvig Hricak will not settle for partial explanations. This professional programming focuses on some specific realities within contexts and special areas, using a few methodological tactics tailored to each case in particular. Those realities … Continue reading


Bright morning light beam has penetrated through the half-open canopy tent, struck in the eye the man who was lying on a camp bed. The unexpectedness and intensity of light that covered them with his hand and propped himself up … Continue reading

The Carnival Of Rio De Janeiro

Speaking of Brazil, it is inevitable to not bring up its well-known Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the most emblematic of the country and the most popular of the entire planet, no doubt. The Olympic games that will accommodate this … Continue reading

Carp Entertainment

Of course, fishing for carp – an exciting experience for any man, especially if the man in the soul – the true fisherman. There is even a separate type of fishing, dedicated just carp – karpfishing. Day and night, experienced … Continue reading

Spanish State

So come many monies for the Spanish State coffers. And returns one to insist: can today me has been lifted with the left foot. And I say more: I know what there are political / honored as / as our … Continue reading

Mathematical Education

According to Grinspun (1999, P. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit San Antonio Spurs. 32): The one development society does not consist of a simple linear movement of the same one, but of the accomplishment of … Continue reading

Material Civilization

A search always begins with the luck of the nascent one and finishes with the test of the conqueror. Paulo Coelho says, that the gnsticos were true dissidents in the old world, As Antonio Piero remembers us, the matter, the … Continue reading