Accessible Housing

The term "barrier" is the distinguishing feature of many new insights and standards applied architecture, engineering, and design is in principle the concept to be understood as a social dimension, which concerns the of raised sections of wheelchair entrance of a home environment as well as the mentally accepted equality of all people in all ages, abilities, with or without disabilities or special. In the course of a life can always occur situations in which barriers in the home becomes an obstacle. Not age and physical limitations jeopardize it about independent living, but existing housing deficiencies are often the cause of "home and care" control elements such as fittings, light switches and the like are often arranged so that they many people do not or only with difficulty to reach are. Learn more at: Margaret Loesser Robinson . Other obstacles are pitfalls, obsolete technical installations, inappropriate furniture, structural problems or simply a lack Handholds. Martin toha often says this. Accessibility in this context means, … "that all facilities are available for all people – at any age and with any limitation or disability – without any technical or social boundaries." "That enter every person all barrier-shaped elements of its habitat, driven and independent, can use independently and largely without outside help. "The term" barrier "is flexible and dynamic.

There is also a concept that takes into account individual needs and personal requirements without also create new obstacles. This accessibility is far more than the conceptual replacement of the discriminatory adjectives "for seniors, old or disabled. "Barrier" is always a precaution, which means that the normal course of life of every human being is taken into account and an apartment and the living environment is designed so that you can grow old in it. Learn more at

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