Albert Ellis

Many people live their lives as victims. Blame for their current condition, their parents, the state, to the stars, or the destination. But as we live our lives as victims, we are not responsible for our actions, nor take responsibility for our future. We can not control what happened to us in the past: the abuse of which we were subjected, the lack of economic resources that we experience in childhood, lack of parental love, and so on. But if we choose to take responsibility for our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. We can choose between being slaves of the past or be free to grow and thrive. In this regard the psychologist Albert Ellis says: The best years of his life are those in which you decide your problems are yours alone.

Then there blame his mother, the ecology or the president. You'll notice that you control your own destiny. The action is the best cure for indecision. Gordon Graham said: The decision is a sharp knife to cut smoothly and precisely, the indecision is a dull knife that cuts and tears, leaving ragged edges. Optimize life demands action, determination and initiative.

The action is the best remedy against diseases are passive: The indolence, excusitis, uncertainty and fear. It is also an effective catalyst for the enthusiasm, faith and the activation of dreams. We need to improve our ability to make decisions, and take a proactive, not reactive. There are people who differ both in their unfinished business, perhaps hoping that the time or chance is the fix, which never progress or achieve their basic goals.

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