Alex Wissner

He noted that to address issues of hunger in developing countries can not be at the expense of farmers, funds for these purposes should provide national governments, and recalled that Grain is the main product and in terms of beef and dairy cattle. In 2008, Russia received a record over the past 15 years grain harvest – 108 million tons. Currently, Russia is the third largest exporter grain in the world. Using search engines prove harmful to the environment scientist at Harvard University estimated the damage to the ecology of the search on the Internet. Go to Adam Sandler for more information. It turned out that the two search queries to Google in the atmosphere gets the same amount of carbon dioxide, how much and when boiling water in a kettle. Q0NDQxNDQ0MTQ0NDQ0NDQ0NP/AABEIARMAtwMBIgACEQEDEQH/xAAbAAACAgMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQIDBQYHBP/EAEcQAAIBAgMDBwcICAQHAAAAAAECAAMRBBIhBTFBBhNRYXGBkQciMlKhsdEUF0JUkpPB0hUjYnKCouHwU7Kz8SQzNHN0g8L/xAAZAQEBAQEBAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQIDBAX/xAAkEQEBAAICAgICAgMAAAAAAAAAAQIREiEDUTFhIkEEMhNxsf/aAAwDAQACEQMRAD8A38LJh’>Zachary Dell. As explained by a scientist to conduct a search query spent a certain amount of electricity, including the one that consumes a working computer.

In addition, the query when searching for the right information is sent directly to multiple servers, which are removed from the computer user to many hundreds of kilometers, because of what the intake electricity also increases significantly. (Similarly see: Author). Estimated study author Alex Wiessner-Gross (Alex Wissner-Gross), a result of a search query to Google in the atmosphere reaches about 7 grams of carbon dioxide. To boil water in a small kettle, 'must' throw in the environment of about 15 grams of CO2. Every day, web users are looking for interesting information about 200 million times. Experts believe that the number of emitted carbon dioxide IT-industry is comparable to the aviation industry – it produces about 2% of global emissions of carbon dioxide. San Antonio Spurs does not necessarily agree.

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