Andre Rissel Loans

The resident of Heusenstamm M 1 Management und Beteiligungs GmbH has register their figurative as patent. It is in particular about the company, protect the particular investment strategies of fund management companies within the framework of asset management, which is reflected in the appearance, to allow. We are sure that we have a clear competitive advantage in terms of the asset protection strategy\”, says Fund Manager Michael Kummer. The work focuses on the investment in medium-sized companies that have growth potential, but by banks receive no boost or interim. The current market situation plays absolutely in the cards’ us, explains grief. Read additional details here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. The financing industry specialists confirm that investments in companies currently are at conditions seen for years not. Thousands of companies are currently nearing bankruptcy because they lack much-needed financing.

Currently Michael Kummer and his colleague Andre Rissel examine some deals in the field of renewable energies, a growth market, the returns of 20 or 30 percent a year is not uncommon. It is not to be understood, but concepts that lead to a significant improvement in the climate situation, be criminally neglected, while on the other hand banks again provided with capital or Government guarantees\”, says dev. Heusenstammer specialists also on the upcoming participation in a financial company that specializes in particular the handling of non-performing loans, loans so sufferers need pride. It is estimated that the volume amounts distressed loans only in the public banking sector to 60 to 100 billion euros. The total volume of all banks in Germany is expected to be nearly 300 billion euros. There is a market\”for processing these loans in Germany only in the creation. The interest of the banks to hive off non-performing loans and professionally exploit rising mainly because of stricter rules for the lending by Basel II, 2007. The absence of such Opportunities introduced in the past two years reinforced that that banks have loans less and less on medium-sized companies or for higher-risk transactions, because they lacked the exit channel.

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