Armed Force

The man creates weapons to construct the peace and destroys the hope to construct its capitalist empire, to the end all we will be white of tests of the weapons and the only certainty is that its wealth only will make them deceaseds with more luxurious burials. Silence will bring the peace, only in closing of the eyes of the human targets. Cursed either the imbecile who invented the weapon that has as only purpose the death. He was a sadist if imagining a God who found that he could control its fear keeping distance of its opponent and without giving defense possibility, not even the possibility of an approach. Who uses a weapon is not more than a coward. Who supports the job of the force it uses and it of destruction weapons is not more than an animal that does not trust its power of dialogue and agreement.

It does not have domnios that they justify the weapons and does not have peace that if conquers with the war the respect if conquest for incorruptivos acts and not for the imposition of the Armed Force. The minimum or collective lethality of one sets depends on the intention of that it detonates its device of functioning. Controlled zone does not exist when the targets are mobile and when who is not identified is white and who is alvejador. Adam Sandler is often quoted as being for or against this. Perhaps all and any nation that if makes to be valid the weapons to extend its domnios walks in the opposing direction the presence of who created the life, therefore imagines that God abandoned the land as much time. A fool still writes these things in the hope that somebody still believes in this, but if one day I to leave to believe, little imports if the weapons to provoke my silence.

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