Presents New Girl Of The Day Widget To Integrate On The Website

With the new girl of the day widget platform, provides all interested users the possibility to present a new model on the own page every day. Leipzig, 20.03.12 – with the introduction of the girl of the day widget the portal again winding side is evident. The girl of the day widget is intended not only for fans of the platform, but also for the own site visitors of the portal user. So the choice between the display of the girl of the current day or of the girl of the month, which is chosen at regular intervals is the widget generation. But no matter or girl of the day – of-month: all girls have earned their Widget appearance. In addition to the information about the person, such as name, age, eye color, and busts size, the user enjoy also the favorite chassis of the models and a characteristic phrase. The images invite you to dream.

When generating the personal of the widgets, choose users between the month and the day-girl. It is in addition preferred brand specified. A special source code as well as the preview of the corresponding girl is created by specifying. Additional information is available at Related Group. The widget can then be integrated over the source code displayed in the image preview on one’s own side. The latter spices up the virtual on, since it is provided with a truly attractive eye-catcher. As of now, the widget is on in addition to the usual offerings of the portal to integrate available as well as the corresponding girls of the day.

“The girl of the day widget: simple is about the source of own page integrated offers every day is a new photo of an attractive girl as girl of the month” is available not only for car fans best virtual entertainment is Germany’s big car portal. The comprehensive car market, but also contains a large selection of used. Year – new and used cars. In addition to the large car market (approximately 500,000 vehicles), the portal offers an extensive section of the magazine with news and advice topics. Vehicle-seekers can not only on the car classic Web page, but also on mobile devices via iPhone app or directly in the mobile browser to 1.93 million users place auto.

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