Back Office System

So, we created the part of the store, which allows you to convey to potential buyers information about the products. Now consider the question of obtaining and processing information about the intentions of buyers. Typically, the process of buying from an online store consists of three phases: the search for necessary goods, sending it to the basket and, finally, with the order. All these processes occur in the head buyer and the site of your store, but end they must click "submit order" and the receipt of the contents of the shopping cart and information about it to your manager. Where it gets this information and that it will be more, depends on devices that part of the store, which is called the BackOffice. Despite the suspicious name and rather vague boundaries of this – very useful and necessary.

Competently knit BackOffice contains a database and received orders from keeping track of their performance, and customer base with their credit history. Special mention deserves a system of automated warehouse and accounting. It can be your original work or you can docked to those programs that were previously used in your enterprise. In any case, they now become an integral part of the BackOffice. Creation or adaptation of all the programs in the Back Office, will take the lion's share of labor developers, commodity, accountants and programmers.

However, it is this part of the store in the future will affect how "real" you use the benefits of online commerce. Little about how to pay the buyer: it is necessary to provide payment on a prepaid basis so popular payment systems such as Yandex Money, Webmoney, and of course Rupey. Encouraged to register in the most convenient, in my view the system of Internet payments Rupey, it can be done by reference. While there is no alternative to the system! But not all customers will want to pay for the goods on a prepaid basis to provide payment for the goods upon receipt in the mail, that is, cod. In my experience the introduction of Internet trading cod increases sales by 50%. Order 1 times cod and making sure the customer store loyalty second third order to make Prepaid thus expressing their confidence in you and reduce your shipping costs. Alas but the majority of Internet users online stores do not enjoy high credibility and it should still win. Well, you can start advertising campaign and to meet the first customers. In the end, until you get the first hundred visitors, unless they do the first ten orders, you can not understand how well the whole system as a whole. Here so you can very briefly describe the process of creating an online store. At each stage there is a large number of technical issues and resolve them can be different means. But in principle can be stated as follows: online shop – is a unified system in which processes on site, integrated into business processes. This is important, but for some reason, few people think about it. So – few really serious online shops in RuNet. But they appear, and even begin to compete. Do you have an interesting opportunity to see what happens.

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