Biroli – Your Gym In The Door Frame

Exercise equipment for the home and the whole family for fitness and fun of movement in your own home has let Biroli come up with something: A wall in the door frame. It suitable for pull-ups, push-ups at each angle, than stretching help, support for Sit-Ups, for leg elevation in the annexes for the abdominal muscles, as a framework for the training of the sling or simply climbing fun for the kids. The Biroli bars is a universal training device for home. In a small space directly in the door frame can be mounted fits the wall bars, which can be used also as door bar, almost without requiring extra space in each home. It can be pinched without drilling and sawing in the door frame.

The door remains completely intact as a result. Can be used the rungs as needed at any height. You take it, the gym is no obstacle in the budget any more. In addition she Sling coach very well suited as suspension for other sports and exercise equipment like the REHAPE. In combination with the Sling training enables the Biroli bars a comprehensive training programme with numerous exercises for virtually every muscle group. The Munich-based exclusive provider of the AMS distribution equipment was immediately convinced of the idea. In his REHAPE shop offered specially such therapy and training equipment, the in the physiotherapy and practice, especially within the REHAPE concept over many years have proven especially. The Rehape concept was developed at the AMS Academy in Munich, which provides education and training for physiotherapists, massage therapists, naturopaths, sports teachers and doctors for over 20 years in various locations in Germany.

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