Brazilian Popular Literature

I find that, inside of my possibilities, to consanguineous this in this. Voctem Lebanese origin, on the part of father. Of some form, its father incentive to create narratives where the cloth of deep would be the countries orientated Average and its cultures? L.E. – My father already had died when I started to write books. It decadence great attention to the situation of the Middle East. I am that I started to reinstatement for the region after reading a news article in the magazine the civil war in the Lebanon, that occupied the layer and I do not know how many pages of an edition of October of 1989.

Twenty years behind, therefore. I have this magazine with me until today. It impressed me very to the substance, therefore some of the interviewed Lebanese, whose photos were reviewed, if seemed sufficient people of my family: uncles, cousins, my proper ; Thanks to the news article, immediate dislike between me and the Lebanon was established. E, from now on, had continued of spontaneous form, extending itself, with the time, to other countries of the Middle East, over all after the invasion of the Iraq and the end of the Lebanese civil war, in the following year. to write books, in 1992, I so was dived , that the Middle East finished being a centenary natural choice. Beyond what it is a tense region, conflagration, perfect to a thriller. 8.

entertainment or Brazilian Popular Literature, says, suffers a species from preconception of the intellectual Brasilia elite. Which is its opinion on this situation? L.E. – None. Each one that finds what well to understand. If we will be in preoccupation what they think of us, we will finish not making nothing. The people to the right of if expressing e, sincerely, I do not find that all to agree to me or to like what I write. I face this situation much naturalness. The dissent is part of the life. 9. You, who already are in this productive world of the literature of this the beginning of anos90, enlarger some advance of that time until the current days, with thought of the media and the society in general on the Brazilian Literature Popular? L.E. – Ah, yes. Many advances. The society, today, is not opened of the beginning of the 90 and chances of opinions, good bigger. The Internet, for example, opened precious canals of debates. Enormous Contingent of people with things important to say and that as if to express, today is visible. In a circumstance, mais thus easy to approach with Franzen controversial subjects, as it is the case literature of entertainment, therefore the interested parties go to disclose eo debate if to install of more democratic form, thing that was dilemma 1993, when I stress in literature. 10. You have will to see some of its books adapted for the cinema? Already he received some proposal young or veteran Official Site of Luis Eduardo better the books of the author. Technology and Cinema – Everything on cinema, culture and graphical computation.

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