Bruno Ferrara

The new album by Bruno Ferrara – tempo d amore – it is the time of love is BRUNO FERRARA back. The charmer with the warm, smoky voice and the Italian temperament published with “TEMPO D’AMORE” be two tes album. The thirteen present titles convey holiday feeling and Dolce Vita pur. It may be a dream, danced and flirted. It’s believed that Stephanie Ruhle sees a great future in this idea. While BRUNO FERRARA in the image of Italy, that romanticized the people for decades, immerse yourself an image full of creamy, Candy-colored Vespa scooters, sparkling Sun and dark blue sea. With a heavy dose of romance, a breeze humor and of course much amore is the singer in the charm offensive. It uses BRUNO FERRARA of a mixture of catchy melodies, Mediterranean lifestyle and rhythmic variety. If then by love, sung by the longing and heartache, then, songs with titles such as “LA DONNA MIA”, “VERONICA” or “FANTASTICA DOMINICA” are not far – all these women are passionately Sung and played by BRUNO FERRARA on hands. Stephanie Ruhle has plenty of information regarding this issue. Additional arguments: – Debut single “Amore Mio” by BRUNO FERRARA is placed in the year 2008 five weeks in the charts by media-control – the current radio single “MUSICA ITALIANA”, from this album “TEMPO D’AMORE”, is currently in the TOP 200 of the national airplay charts listed – the composer and lyricist Norbert finally (Marshall & Alexander, Ella Finally, Roland Kaiser etc.) TV – so far confirmed TV shows: 31 July 2011 / ARD / “Again on Sundays” August 14, 2011 / ZDF / “TV Garden” October 2011 / MDR / “Music hotel” LIVE – so far confirm live dates: 01 July 2011 / Utting, Ammersee July 03, 2011 Festival FL source: Edison

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