Camp David Peace Agreement

The British authorities have paid attention to Hurghada in the first place. They were looking for oil there and a small fishing village became known oil industry primarily because of the search for oil in the area. The first Soviet ‘tourists’ have appeared in Hurghada in the 1960’s and 70’s. Then Egypt and Israel severely at odds with each other. After the capture of Israel’s Sinai – Hurghada has become an important strategic military objective.

Soviet specialists helped the Egyptians build a military base there and an airfield. Transformations in Hurghada as resort began after the Camp David Peace Agreement (1978). Hurghada plays simultaneously the role of a military air base and airport travel tsentra.Seychas used civilian use as the international airport of Hurghada and partly in the military. The first hotel in Hurghada, the ‘Sheraton’ was built in 1974.Sechas in Hurghada hundreds of hotels. New areas of Hurghada stretches to the south and north of the city. Erected new residential areas targeted in the first place of residence instrantsev. The Egyptian government has taken a number zakongov protect foreign investors.

Compared with the popular Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada is more democratic resort. Now the city is very much modern entertainment, shopping malls, nightclubs, and parking for yachts. A lot of Russians Hurghada chooses not only for tourist travel, but also gain affordable real estate here Massive construction of hotels has become possible only when in the mid-’80s Egypt laid emphasis on the development of mass tourism and allow airlines to make charter flights Hurgadu.Seychas monthly in Hurghada offers three new hotel. Hurghada – resort city come alive at night, when opened discotheques, night clubs and pubs. A sense of celebration and carelessness in the air, walking through the streets of smart people, and complete the picture of eternal joy brightest stars in the southern sky. Nightclubs and discos are beginning their programs are usually in 23 hours. But the real fun begins after midnight. The main part of the entertainment Hurghada establishments concentrated in a small area in the supermarket Abu Ashara (hotels Roma, El Tabia), where the discos Calipso, Buddha (Ramoza), Aqua Fun, evening shows can be found in hotels Roma and El Tabia. Recently opened club Hedkandi, rather, long-known beach disco and bar (formerly a Liquid, Chill, Ministry of sound the bar), has acquired a new name. Year-round sunshine here!

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