Chartreux Cat

One of the most beautiful examples of cats is the cat chartreux, thanks to its beautiful image, comprising a woolly coat, very comfortable to hold and that immediately draws attention, as its shades of blue with some silver is very striking and interesting in this cat. So worth talking over chartreux cat to learn a little more than this beautiful cat breed offers. Beginning with the theme of chartreux cat is very important to locate its origin, a point refers to France, from there to say that this is one of the greatest contributions of France to the world, since data on these cats safer notes that were bred and kept at Carthusian monks, present in the monastery of grenoble, however it is believed that this place is not its origin, is more related with their origin from the mountains of what is now Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey, which is based on the fact dense and woolly hair, which were ideal for the kind of climate of this mountainous region. Quite possibly they were taken by Crusaders in the twelfth century to France and there are achievement established, but we must bear in mind that during the Second World War the breed nearly became extinct, why it was necessary to cross British Blue cats Persian race to achieve recovery. Leaving behind the history of cat chartreux, giving way to physical characteristics highlighted in the cat chartreux the presence of a large body, solid, muscular and can be heavy, since there chartreux cats up to 6 kilos, but these physical characteristics have not decreased flexibility and agility, her back, neck as well as his chest is broad. Chartreux cat legs are strong, very strong and muscular, but not too high, the cat’s tail is proportional chartreux his body, neither too long nor too strong and slightly rounded at the extreme. A very important aspect of the image is chartreux cat fur, which is characterized by lush, short, dense, velvety and very bright, to which is added the color, which offers a variety of ranges gray, but preferably the blue-gray, but whatever the color should always be uniform.

Turning to the part of the cat’s head chartreux, has a trapezoidal head reversed, accompanied by a wide cheeks, his nose is triangular and narrow, giving an expression of smiling, accompanied by a short, straight nose, with the particularity a small rise. Their ears are medium sized, set high and end up slightly rounded. Chartreux cat’s eyes are bright copper color mainly, but also comes in orange. In regard to how to be chartreux cat, is characterized by being very sociable, gentle and affectionate, accompanied by a strong personality.

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