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The majority of the internauts sails using the Microsoft Internet Explorer that with a 65.71% is used. But, it means this that this navigator is the favorite of the users? , far from it; this only demonstrates that the majority uses without plus the explorer who comes installed by defect in the operating system and that does not worry don’t mention it more. But when somebody begins to simply interest in the security, the rapidity or because it wants to solve some problems that it has with his habitual navigator and it begins to inquire on other navigators, first who do is to rejoice to Internet Explorer and to go to another one, normally to Firefox. We see next the ranking of the used navigators more: Ranking Navigating September 2009 1 – Microsoft Internet Explorer 65.71% 2 – Firefox 23.75% 3 – Safari 4.24% 4 – Chrome 3.17% 5 – 2.19% Operate Firefox occupies the second place far from its pursuers and in addition it does not stop eating land to him to the Explorer, but we see another peculiar statistic: Internet Explorer 6:24,42% Internet Explorer 7:19,39% Internet Explorer 8:16,84% IE8 Compatibility Mode: 2.30% As you see the more modern is the version, the less it is used what demonstrates that the users of to this only use it navigator so that he is there and they are not bothered in updating the version whom they have installed because frankly he gives equal them, only want it to put from time to time in Internet. So you are going to allow that it tells you some things to me on Firefox and you decide if you want to prove it. 1 – The Security: Although you of equal a navigator who another one, would not have darte equal the security.

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