Cosmetic Tips For Acne

Nobody wants to make friendship with Mr. Acne; It is never welcome nor is timely. Likes to draw attention and leave marks of their presence so they remember you how we must treat it when you visit our face or skin? blg first need to know the possible reasons that acne affects you: 1. herencia2. Real-estate developer has many thoughts on the issue. hormonas3. emociones4. ambient products for the skin that you should consider: not comedogenico (which does not cause espinitas) free aqueous-based grease or water make-up recalls that most importantly treatment makeup goes into the background!We recommend using specialized products and medicated creams that contain color or base to conceal acne.

Makeup corrective to consider face uses soft, preferably liquid-based, water-based. Apply sparingly since the excesses highlighted more acne. discarded dust because it gives a Matt appearance to the face, which also highlights the marks. The best thing is a natural texture and remove the shine on the skin. Usa CHEEKS blush tones Pink to create balance in the color of the skin.

He is recommended to those who come in gel-based water or low-oil. have any special event, use soft green Correctors to neutralize the reddish skin, then you put the soft base. FOREHEAD and Chin to disguise the reddish hue can use specialized medicinal products. EYES eyes should always be neutral, never use strong or reddish colors because they emphasize red of acne in the rest of the face. the center of attention in your makeup will be the eyes, particularly the tabs. Lengthen them is as far as you can. LIPS always carries soft colors, preferably brightness (gloss). EYEBROWS always clean, fine and clear so that they soften the factions of the face. The dimension of these will be according to the distance of eyes. HAIR never uses red, dark black or copper tones. Select medium & light colors that soften the factions, and that non-Orange bases. If you like blonde, who looks not yellow, but natural. avoids the large amounts of gel and fasteners because they contain oils. If you use them in excess, fat low forehead and runs to the outer sides of the eyes; What worsens the situation. for curly hair don’t use pollina or bangs. (They promote acne on forehead).

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