Customer Satisfaction

For organizations, achieving the customer satisfaction has become a fundamental objective in the provision of good quality services, which generates better expectations and strengthens the structure of the relationship. Rarely customers trust us, instead, they prefer to choose competition; This is why it is necessary that you periodically evaluate the service provided by the staff of your company, the speed of service, times of waiting, claims, etc. But, what is the best tool that allows you to really know what customers feel about your organization? Then we will disclose the steps to implement a customer satisfaction survey. Selection of a measurement variables, will largely determine questions structure, the distribution of the survey and data collection. As far as possible avoid using general questions, not offering variable to investigate more in depth about the needs of your client and your perception facing his business. If we’re collecting personal information for our survey, we have to ensure that we do not request information about your email address, since it can be annoying in a future the sent post waste or requests that the customer has not already done.

Provide spaces where you feel comfortable and appreciated by your company. We use the least possible amount of personal information, so that our customers don’t feel uncomfortable by having to provide information about your business that might endanger their privacy. In addition, we offer our customers any promotion or coupon on your next purchase, so they feel the importance that represent for the company. If we are to develop a survey we must establish the variables that allow us to obtain the information necessary to achieve our objective. Here an outline of questions which can be very useful in obtaining information about your shop or establishment: how was received into our warehouse? How was your experience? Did you find what you were looking for? How was the treatment provided by our employees? Were you satisfied with our product? What do you think about the quality of our product? If you are owner of one page or web portal, focus your questions on access to the web site and ease of navigation. Here some questions that can be used in the survey: have you had a good experience when you click on our web site? Is our web site friendly and easy to navigate? The form of payment and shipping was easy to use and efficient? Was the description of the products good? Were our products delivered on time and in good condition? Are you satisfied with the quality of our products? Other survey formats allow clients to express their opinion, which represents a very generous information source. Here three examples of key questions that generate client’s opinion: what so likely would recommend my services to a? friend, family member or colleague? What how likely would you choose my services when you decide to buy or sell any product? What do you recommend to provide a better service to the customer? These are only some tools that allow us to obtain information valuable and affective, seeking opportunities to improve our customer service, and thus increasing satisfaction rates, benefiting the interests of our company. This article has been developed based on the document called Simple ways to survey customers that appears in portal customerthink.

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