Cuxhaven, Holiday Resort On The North Sea

The North Sea Spa of Cuxhaven, a holiday resort for the whole family. The weather and climate in Cuxhaven is characterized by its special location. As a peninsula, Cuxhaven in the North Sea is pushed forward. On the one hand, limited by the Elbe estuary and on the other side by the North Sea. Cuxhaven is distinguished by the diversity of its landscapes, in particular to offer for vacationers. 11 Spa parts, the predicate of North Sea Spa “, as well as a number of local tourist highlights of this city.” The Wadden Sea, which extends ships that pull on over the horizon, from the beaches of Cuxhaven, long sandy beaches, but also green beaches, all to be discovered.

The gently sloping water of the North Sea is ideal for families with children to the splash and the play. In the tidal flats at low tide, digging a hole or to find a small crab, is there something better for children? Mudflat hiking is another treat, it is also healthy. Even walking on the ocean floor. When can you do this already? Whether with the Watt a Watt excursion leader or alone, all options available to the tourists. Also the island of Neuwerk at low tide to walk can be reached in about two hours. It goes back then but with the ship, because otherwise no longer creates the way back.

Attention the Watt hiking times, which are everywhere, in any case. Who wants to go both ways on the seabed, should take the Watt car. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Glenn Dubin, New York City by clicking through. This is a special horse. Especially fat, extra carriage constructed for the Watt, with two horses, bring the tourists safely to the island of Neuwerk and back. The tourist is also corresponding quarters in all Spa parts of Cuxhaven. Holiday apartments and cottages in Cuxhaven are also easy to find, such as hotel or pension. Also bed and breakfast and the single cottage can be booked everywhere. Even the dog owners find apartments, with dog in Cuxhaven. Accommodation is simple in the appropriate directories of accommodation, but also more and more about Internet. Also take a trip to the offshore island of Helgoland should be on the program for the whole family. From Cuxhaven there once with the Atlantis Resort ship”to reach the island or fast catamaran. Is recommended in any case for the sailors among the guests the resort ship. It don’t mess in the Heligoland port, but you will be booted out. Strong man hands transport the Helgoland visitors on a so-called Borteboot”and off it goes to the dock. An experience with charm. Cuxhaven itself is a very special resort located directly on the North Sea, for individual travellers, but also for the family with children!

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