Dynamic Energy Billing Enables Flexible Pricing

New individual supply and service packages Paderborn (Germany) supported ORGA Systems February 22, 2011: Orga systems, the leading provider of real time-based charging and billing, offers a SmartEnergy suite that enables a dynamic pricing energy service providers. A dynamic energy billing improves energy efficiency and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The energy service companies now have an effective means to address the challenges that bring volatile sources in the business, while the flexible pricing allows the prepaid principle, time of use, or critical peak pricing. Source: Anna Belknap. The flexible fare structure and simulation characteristics of orga systems provide user-friendly means for the introduction of new services and service packages and at the same time a significant advantage for consumers, which can reduce energy consumption constantly monitor and therefore lighter, in order to save money at the same time. Dynamic billing and improve the energy efficiency of the application a configurable time of anticipation and taking into account external events, for example, weather forecasts (wind/sunshine), allowing perfectly customized individualized tariffs, which affected the consumption behavior of consumers and intelligent home automation is possible. Due to the fact that in the energy sector an intensification of the competition looming, the utilities are forced to offer attractive new tariffs and services. The flexible tariff structure of orga systems as well as the simulation features provide easy means for introducing these offers and Leistungsbundle. Support of standard interfaces enable easy integration into the existing meter data management and the utility of CIS systems.

Real-time editing allows precise prices through the dynamic adjustment of the tariff of consumption can be stimulated. Thus, a negative pricing or network bottlenecks during high load, when energy from volatile renewable energy sources is fed, can be avoided. The Demand-side management and at the same time compliance with regulatory requirements will be a simple task. Real-time processing load and price signals between multiple providers, users and devices must ensure accurate prices for volatile renewable energy, and is configurable via a centralized rating engine. * Orga Systems #1 choice for real-time charging and billing with its excellent know-how in the area of billing and settlement Orga systems in real time is the pioneer in the field of GSM prepaid billing. Orga systems is focused on real-time-based solutions for customer billing and customer management in the field of mobile services. It uses regular milestones for its industry to expand its leadership position.

In relation to the access speed is ORGA Systems’ high-performance database InCore, the currently fastest data technology worldwide. Mobile providers need future-proof settlement systems, which offer clear benefits for both services and costs. The fully convergent real-time-based Billing platform TL gold guaranteed them a profitable growth. ORGA Systems GmbH at the Hoppenhof 33 33104 Paderborn Eva Heumann Head of corporate communication orga-systems.com

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