Festival Berlin

Festival of politics, culture, and information booths at the Brandenburg Gate subject: press release for Editor’s Note: culture / local peace Festival 06th to 08th of August 2010 at the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin culture high-profile policy talks, 100 information stands of social, developmental and environmental organizations, live music from 39 Nations at the Brandenburg Gate. The “Berlin peace Festival” takes place on the first weekend in August at the Brandenburg Gate/Street of 17th June in Berlin politics Festival, culture and information booths at the Brandenburg Gate. It offers space for panel discussions, performances by renowned artists and numerous information booths. Politicians, entrepreneurs, journalists, scientists and committed individuals talk about projects that break out from classical argumentation structures and combine economy with social as well as expertise with empathy. The Festival is organized voluntary and non-commercial, despite its size. Applications of dedicated associations (NGO) will still be accepted; a networking meeting will be at the YAAM on July 30 from 6 pm 22:00 instead (Stralauer Platz 35, 10243 Berlin). Contact: peace Festival Berlin 2010 INA stainless herb of Malbork Strasse 33 / QF2 10405 Berlin 030 3744 3270

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