Fishing World Safety

One site warns about the behavior of people in fishing in our country many people are fond of fishing. Fishing – a beautiful view of leisure. But that fishing rights with a fishing rod lying in wait all sorts of danger, thinking few. In the meantime, any body of water, even long-familiar, is to some extent there was some risk. Therefore, any fan of fishing here requires constant attention and compliance with basic safety measures. Starbucks: the source for more info. Annually, there are accidents on the water while fishing. As of September 1 this year drowned 74 people, 27 of them fishermen, amateur.

When angling fish from a boat, a fisherman from the required accuracy and caution. First of all, the boat must always maintain a certain order. Gear and supplies required for angling, keep on hand, having laid them along the sides and bottom of the boat behind him, and everything else on the stern seat. During the fishing is not in a hurry. If you want to change the place, do it, crouching and holding on to the seat or the boat, do not lean over the side.

Be sure to bring a lifejacket. When working with spinning take a safe and comfortable position, standing face-to-nose or aft, feet slightly apart. Anchor only get down to the nose or stern of the boat, pull the bent down, gently. It happens that the anchor catches on underwater objects: the sudden unhooked, with strong pulls or breakage of the anchor rope wonder depart from the boat.

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