Forming Talent

Focusing on the idea of obtaining a value-added and referring to the most valuable capital which is the human factor, the process of recruitment and selection as such, is not always necessary because sometimes intuition can more than a formal process, as the case of a firm of consulting in Latin America is called Insitum, which were given to the task of attracting people with the following characteristics: curious to know what you are going to do, to do it and how to do it, proactive, creative and innovative people unafraid to express their ideas and why not? to perform them, those people do not be afraid to do without making mistakes, and that therefore that fear can become an opportunity to improve their work every day. People who dare to feel yours the mission and values of the company to be an integral part of an organizational culture and feel truly contributors to the same or as well as we like to say. Put the t-shirt. After the focus on capital human, there will be making emphasis on the formation of groups in order to team work which as we all know, is one that integrates the individual effort of all the members by dividing it according to specific functions; This obviously includes a work plan deemed by broad recommendation is having well defined objectives and established deadlines and goals to avoid detours in the performance of the activities. Already formed teams, it is said that the best way to work on them is transmitting knowledge, clear with a previous training or training on how to do it and this all members of the team may be able to perform various activities, because we learn to share knowledge, to listen, something that many times we do not know to do and above all learn from the experiences of othersThis is what leaves us teamwork; things that make us grow both in professional life as staff.

And well, working with the human factor not always easy but not impossible, if both parties put their bit as he is commonly said, things are easier and becomes a reciprocity understood in the best aspects. We all have the ability to be empathetic and an integral part of the organizational culture of the company that we are providing our services, anyone who is, and if there is it is time to start to work on it, because working in harmony (thinking, feeling, and acting) is a good idea to start. Important is also to acknowledge the work of others, because there are a number of types of remuneration that can be made to feel comfortable to the contributor or to team together, playing the motivational part to push them to give and do more; If on the contrary, shows that labour is not quite right, is time to pause and start with the feedback, ultimately as a whole cycle, there is a beginning and an end.

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