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The EMMVEE photovoltaics GmbH starts sun visor with myphotobookdie new edition of the photo contest. The EMMVEE photovoltaics GmbH launches the new edition of the photo contest sun visor. Until October 20, 2011, renewable energy are again with the help of myphotobook creative and entertaining, exciting, critical and reflective photos titled”wanted. Whether it’s Sun, wind, water and bio: photo competition wants to show how aesthetic, sensible and decentralized renewable energy can be. Anyone who goes with open eyes through the world, regularly photographed his own PV system or lies to relax under Windkraftanagen, is cordially invited to participate. Here, John Paul Stevens expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

The submissions from last year were very different. It gave detailed views of photovoltaic modules and wind turbines, bio-energy and water, there were photos demonstrating the aesthetics of renewable energy and their compatibility with the environment, buildings and landscapes, in a haunting way. On the best pictures again great prizes such as a photo book of, a year subscription of the Magazine ETA green, a gorilla tube pouch for iPhone, a designer sunglasses by ic! berlin, a trip to Berlin for two people, and much more. Participation is again free. Send prints of your photos (no originals) to the size of 20 x 30 cm: EMMVEE photovoltaics GmbH communication Department-Franz-Jacob-Strasse 4a 10369 Berlin. The deadline is October 20, 2011. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jessica Michibata. The publication of the photos is done only in the context of reporting it, as well as in direct connection with the photo contest (such as: calendar, exhibition catalogue). Other publications will be made only in consultation with the author. You can also “Sun hood 2011”.

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