Golden Champagne

The best time for secular gatherings – this autumn. Rested, relaxed, citizens returned to the rhythm of life and desire to continue the fiesta is pushing into the arms of noisy parties. It is autumn with brilliant resorts social life returns to the site of large cities, in the best metropolitan institution. And here I am, yet the most avid party-goers and amateurs enjoying life was delayed in the Cote d'Azur and beach parties in Miami amused as I could in the not very sunny, famous for unpredictable weather London. What to do, no English now nikik and time I have devoted their studies. However, it probably can not go to summer in Europe and not carousing in a big way, as we are able to Russia! That's what I tried to capture as many popular spots, among which were the famous London Pacha, China White, Camouflage at the end of the summer seemed to me that nothing will be able to me surprise.

But out. In parting, English friends invited me to a private club Jalouse, which turned out to be just so you will not get if you do not club member or someone they do not hold you together with them. That's what I like cling:) The audience, the music, the atmosphere – everything was on the level. At a high level. But most of all I remember, perhaps, the champagne, which I was treated to my guides. Delicious, intoxicating, this champagne I never ever try. Together with the bubbles in the glass swirled petals of gold! Real champagne gold, I could not believe my eyes: and anything can happen! Returning home, I decided to find out what it was for the drink for oligarchs such. It turned out an unusual golden champagne Luxor you can taste in France, Switzerland, Monaco, usa, uae Cooked in France, manufactured in limited quantities, Luxor Brut Champagne actually contains real gold particles in 24 carat! But information about where you can order it, I could not find. And recently I learned that this fall champagne with gold petals inside can be bought and in Moscow! I think that'll be one of the first buyers!

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