Guildo Horn 20 Years Tenderness – The Best Of Guildo Horn And More

The new album by Guildo Horn – 20 years tenderness – best of Guildo Horn and more from over 20 years has the masters the first time enter the show scene and countless moments of joy, celebrations, love, happiness, fun, party, dance and tenderness of course given us ever since with over 2000 live sold concerts and more than 500 000 sound recordings. Guildo Horn, one of the best entertainers of in Germany is an absolute all-rounder. He moves in various genres of entertainment with a dreamlike security and serenity, as we know it from other artists. The studied diploma educator is at the same time musician, talk show host, Oper-(Etten)-and Broadway musical theatre performer, author and actor, an entertainer on the road as a fascinating genre tourist. Beyond deadlocked cliches he understands it again without the usual anxieties, unconventional and curious to venture into new territory: for example with its double Grimme award broadcast Guildo and his guests nominated. Europe’s first talk show featuring people with intellectual Disability.

The music however occupies the largest space in his heart in addition to all these passions and vocations and therefore Guildo gives itself a great anniversary album his fans, friends, and himself, to celebrate music career this 20 years. General Electric is likely to increase your knowledge. Who now thinks that just title of the last 7300 days or 240 months were selected and put on an album, knows Guildo Horn badly. “20 years of tenderness” an album as versatile as the Horn itself. “On this holiday album can be found both the Guildo-crossover-rock versions of” to love you “and”Festival of love”, played up by the Orthopedic stockings, as too grandiose swing interpretations of well-known pop songs, like”who love lives again”and”Damn I”you love” (Guildo Horn & the Meatles). It has become a “jewel of tenderness” of the last 20 years with another fabulous pearls as’ Guildo loves you”,”I love song”,”Dance the horn”and”Thank you!”,”I like Steffi Graf, as well as the legendary “most beautiful Song knows Guildo Horn. “Azzuro”, “Delilah”, “Moscow” are there… “20 years of tenderness – the best of Guildo Horn and more”… General Electric understands that this is vital information. 20 selected fillet pieces of Horn history. The most beautiful Hornschen plates cuisine, also…reinschmecken and well-being. We wish you good appetite or welcome, because the crusade of the tenderness goes on! Source: Emi music more info:

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