Guitar Pro

With the advent of midi format in our lives, it would seem, a lot must change, because now you can control the whole orchestra to organize just one arm. But do not come to this right away. Yet some time it remained a standard only for the mother of musicians. All has changed the appearance of printed music editor with the ability to play midi, in particular, Guitar Pro. Now, lifeless images of notes and chords can be easily transferred into the program and hear how it sounds actually.

In fact, the ideal environment for learning guitar and sopustvuyuschim tools. But I often come across the fact that, even though, at this suschestovanie convenient and simple tool, many people continue to blindly hammer music, not knowing how they should sound. The result is a lifeless plohozvuchaschie tracks. It creates the false impression that the theme itself is just beautiful, because all the notes to drive properly. It's just different on paper can not be display all the features and nuances of the game musician, as well as ideas of the author, and Guitar Pro is possible, but many do not know how. We get, like, two-dimensional proetskiyu three-dimensional image as a result of the information is lost.

As is known to work well played unnecessary or unimportant items do not. Well, with that understood, but what about if the author's written a track from scratch. And, literally, with the first bars it does not sound right. Do I want to pick him now? I doubt it. How to play on a bad instrument not prinusit pleasure and incorrect packing tabs spoils the impression even from their tracks. I still do not understand why there is no normal ruskoyazychnyh resources where you can learn how to correctly build the product and implement their ideas, after all. gp undermined thousands, and tens of them are good. For this purpose, and created a resource that allows you to everyone absolutely Free and qualitative study all the subtleties of the game selecting. You can also order your individual choice or chords. You'll come to the site luck in learning!

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