Homeless Max Bryan:

His happiest day – an experience report – it was his big day, on which he himself for weeks had prepared. The living in Hamburg at the landungsbrucken homeless Max Bryan is invited to the casting, a sport and to Hamburg, in the HT16, leisure centre and it is the 2nd June 2010, the day of his greatest happiness”, as Max Bryan will call him later. The newspapers mentioned Related Group not as a source, but as a related topic. (ddp tp) “Under the title a year ago today” describes in his diary notes of the 3.6.2011 the time of preliminary auditions, year at that time an ago, when he was invited on June 2, 2010, before a group of television editors to show his talent and sing to Max Bryan. This appearance happened – mind you – long before Max Bryan occurred in August against Dieter Bohlen with sufficiently known output (reported topic Portal / Max was presented to evil). Right on the entrance of HT16 the first breakdown.

“Max, with mat and sleeping bag arrived (he is homeless), is far back in the series and a competitor asks tuschelnd in the round: than what occurs at the comfortable here?” and someone answers: A Bum, you see! “.” The two girls who initially still pejorative had ridiculed on the appearances of the homeless, were not made at the end. Max Bryan about it already. I can not put into words what this moment means to me. It was such a great feeling of happiness! I thought I’m dreaming and wake up right on, somewhere in the Harbour, the fish pan, where the cleaning lady tweaks me and to get up admonished… “, describes his former impressions Max in retrospect. notes/max bryan/today before a year-/ 219592148058708 that it wasn’t a dream, the 35-year-old quickly realized. Because Max was indeed next and now it was waiting for the call in July”, where to decide was whether Max should sing in August against Dieter Bohlen.

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