House Jose

The religiosidade is another aspect that deserves prominence, has seen that, the proper origin of the city involves the religious side, as already it was pointed out. Moreover, the city is considered the main destination of the faith in the State. As much that the party of its miraculous padroeiro saint already became celebrity for dragging about 500 a thousand romeiros, during ten days, in the September month, always on account of the full moon, for turns the Ribamar, to deposit the former-votes in the House of the Miracles and to visit the statue of 17,5 m raised for the protector. 3,4 Sector of entertainment of Is Jose de RibamarO ribamarense people possesss a rich entertainment, which is explored through the famous historical legends that put into motion the city during all the year and bring thousand of people. As Kings (2001), the known legends more are: The navigation of Is Jose de Ribamar and the arrival of the Saint; The legend of the beach of the Barbosa; The legend of the beach of the Vieira; The legend of the fall of the Church for three times; The legend of the beach of the young woman; The legend of the pylon to beat salt in the beach of Bath and legends of the Cara.Em the conception of this exactly author the entertainment most famous of the city of Is Jose de Ribamar is based on the main legend: ' ' The navigation of Is Jose de Ribamar and the arrival of the Santo' ' , which originated the great party of the padroeiro and that already she was salient above. However, the sector of entertainment of this city does not restrict the natural religiosidade and its beauties. They are Jose de Ribamar possesss a party that is not nothing sacred, and yes profane, and that she is sufficiently significant for the tourism and economy of the place.

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