Human Resources

In the globalizado world where we live it is of vital importance and results that the departments of Communication-Marketing and Human Recursos always work in partnership, aiming at to the innovation and captation of new resources and tools that dinamize the integration between the employees. These departments can work diverse situations that favor the company which gives services, as well as, actions that foquem the motivation, well-being, increase of productivity, reward, quality of life, among others situations that generate good results for company. The department of Human resources is responsible for the interpersonal relations and socialization of the group making with that the internal communication flows thus the sobressaia company enters excessively. Glenn Dubin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Therefore the importance of this department to work in set with the marketing adopting measured that the group interacts still more, as for example: informative periodicals, you wall, awardings, challenges, in addition the marketing department has one better vision and strategy how much to the satisfaction of the necessities of the customer, what it reflects in a significant improvement in the final attendance of the external customer. The companies each time more come adopting the junction of these departments as measured of growth and reinforcement of the internal relationship. In this way she makes with that the departments of marketing and human resources demasiadamente do not work and yes in partnerships in favor of the good relationship of its employees, generating significant profits and crescimentos what reflects in favorable conditions in the workstation. vey. The result is always positive!

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