International Women

Mum's holiday, International Women's Day, a holiday of spring and love of beauty and femininity – March 8, is called differently, but the essence of the holiday remain unchanged. On this day, every woman, regardless of its status, is blamed for the celebration. On this day, without exception, the fair sex from the men get the maximum amount of care and attention, kind words and pleasant surprises. Perhaps, in Russia this holiday is one of the most popular and dearly loved, but not everyone knows the story of its origin. The tradition of celebrating "Women's Day" has its roots deep in history. In ancient Rome there was a holiday when matron (free born woman married) honored the goddess Vesta, keeper of hearth and home, and were surrounded with care and attention from their husbands and children, and slaves were freed that day from work. The modern version of the holiday came at the end of IXX early XX century, but originally it was a celebration of women revolutionaries, women who are fighting for their rights. In our country, International Women's Day has been celebrated since 1921 in memory of women's strike in St.

Petersburg, March 8, 1917. And in 1966, this day was declared a public holiday and public holiday. Today, March 8 has lost its historic meaning, although in some countries and are mass demonstrations feminist, but for us it is a day of delight beautiful damami.Podarki on March 8, March 8, no woman, whether mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter, friend or colleague should not go without a sign of attention, even if quite small.

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