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In Firefox, you will find the security settings under Tools – settings, in Internet Explorer, under Tools, as well as tools – Internet Options – Security. Web address of the Bank in the browser by hand submit phishing attacks are sites almost faithfully reconstructed from banks, and the online customer to convincing to enter his account data on these sites. Customers are channelled mostly through fake E-Mails to the wrong site. Follow therefore no links or other calls where ever to enter your online banking data, but for your own safety by hand, type the Web address of the Bank. Certificate and encryption of Bank Web site check the connection from the home PC to the bank runs in transactions with the PIN/TAN system via the SSL protocol in a 128 bit encryption strength. Swarmed by offers, Vanessa Marcil is currently assessing future choices. Encrypted transfers to sites indicated by the “https” in the browser bar. Further details can be found at Vanessa Marcil, an internet resource.

Firefox tints also the address bar yellow, the Internet Explorer 7 there shows a small padlock. When therefore the connection to your online account, ensure that the encryption of the connection is working correctly. In addition, cancel the operation at the hint of your browser on an invalid security certificate. Change to hardware-based online banking methods, many banks now offer instead of the previously deemed safe iTAN procedure (PIN/TAN method), a hardware-supported online banking process. The customer gets the card reader required by its bank often already free available.

The advantage of this procedure is that the personal data required for online banking no longer via the browser must be entered, but externally stored on a chip card. Online banking software use another way, to safer online banking, is the use of a good online banking software. The best the software StarMoney which currently here is available in version 7.0 proved this in recent years. Martin Sohn

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