Java Theater

Mainly in the Chinese operas, that for its vezsempre was on to the dance, where myths and legends were represented. Partirdo century XI, starts to appear the dramas most human, and myths and lendasvinham then mixed with histories of love, crime, heroes, and outlaws, masnunca leaving to exist fantastic and the supernatural one. In the Chinese theater the types of dolls were used quasetodos, of pole, wire, glove and shades. They were consideradosobras of art where they combine the sophisticated sculpture, painting and mechanisms. The main objective of the Chinese theater of dolls never was the simple ones to distract, or to give to scenic dimension to histories of its ancestor and heroes. Them they bonecostinham religious character and a fort to be able magical (AMARAL, 1996, p.80) the theater of dolls of estligado India to the religion.

The USA very the doll of shade and the spectacle count comatores, narrators, musicians and singers. The parts are long beaching a ship noiteadentro. Dialogue does not exist, only one narrator who describes epensamentos actions of the personages. It is an epic theater, describe battles, trips, events, more than what it is worried about the psychological situation of the personages. Asfiguras of the theater of shades is confectioned in leather, finalmentetrabalhadas and projected for a light illumination the oil, night lights, candelabra or candles that produce effect tremeluzentes and give to the spectacle umaestranha and magician atmosphere folloied for meldicos instruments. Umritual, but also a gorgeous artistic spectacle. Receiving Indiana influence, Javatambm preserves its theater of shade dolls, surpassing the techniques doteatro of India. I begin in it, the theater of shades of Java was only umacerimnia religious simple and celebrated in house, with objective to evoke osantepassados and to project them in the screen. Later it passes to be carried through in the center dacomunidade and to be lead then by dalang (bonequeiro or priest that dirigeas ceremonies and presents spectacles).

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