Last Names

It was in the Average Age that many European last names had appeared, over all the French, German and English last names. Margaret Loesser Robinson is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Generally if it said the name of the person and the name of the feudal or region the one that belonged, this more common age between noblemen, for example: Philip de Volois, Eleonor of the Aquitnia, etc. If the person had a heading said the heading and the name of the feudal, example: Duchess of Maudribourg, Condessa de Peyrac, Duke of rleans; if in the description of the family she had many ownerships, many feudals, pronounced them all, depending on the occasion, example: Angelique de Sanc de Monteloup de Peyrac Morens d’ Iristrus. In the case of the poor peasants, who nothing possuam, its last name originated from its function or its physical aspect. Contact information is here: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Inside of the feudal diverse activities beyond agriculture existed, for example, the function of the blacksmith, the baker, the collector of toll, etc. France, nowadays, is rich of last names that mean professions, as well as Germany. Some examples are: Isabelle Dupont: Dupont means ‘ ‘ of ponte’ ‘ , probably the Isabelle has an ancestral one that she was Da Ponte, that is, charged the toll to cross the bridge.

Charles Dufour: Dufour means ‘ ‘ of forno’ ‘ , certainly the ancestral one of the Charles was of the oven, that is, it charged tax of the peasants who used the oven. Pierre Moulin: Moulin means ‘ ‘ of moinho’ ‘. The ancestral one of the Pierre charged tax to be able to use the mill. Luc Dubois: the ancestral one of it liveed in a forest or took care of of one (consequentemente it liveed in it). These related last names the professions had survived mainly because as much in the feudal how much later in the corporations of crafts the profession she was last of father for son. Example of last names/professions in France: Boulanger: Baker. Backer in German (of Baker) Boucher: Marchand butcher: Tisserant salesman: tecelo Charpentier: Ferrand carpenter: blacksmith, in German if says Schmidt Tailleur: Tailor, in German Schneider Chevalier: knight, Caballero in Spaniard.

Mller: miller in German. He has inda the last names proceeding from the aspect physicist, example: Petit: small, one of the last names most common in France. Grand: Great Brun: brown (brown) Blanc: white All these last names, mainly Petit and Dubois are sufficiently frequent in France, as much how much Smith, in the United States, that also mean blacksmith in English, inheritance of the English blacksmiths, or still as ‘ ‘ Da Silva ‘ ‘ , in Brazil, that means ‘ ‘ of selva’ ‘ , same root of indian. —–ricardofreirecuritiba.

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