Late Sophie

Sophie felt she had started a new life from knowing the truth. There were no further questions tormenting her and making her feel that she did not deserve anyone's love. Now I knew that was the life that had left her alone, not Alex, and that's comforting, but could not help but feel sorry for the lost. Hardly had he gone to Spain Alex Kelly had called. I had asked if they could be cited to talk.

Sophie Kelly told him that since he learned of the existence of Joey she had felt her grandson and even without knowing him, I knew I would love him very much. He understood that it might not consider his position, and of course, was not going to dispute whether it was true. "I have clear, because Alex told me all the details that you had given, which has four wonderful grandparents who know nothing of the story of Alex, or even that it is his son, but I would love to understand that the mere idea to meet him and share his life is all that occupies my thoughts in the latter time. Sophie, who knew Kelly was very young and loved her, was touched at his request. "Let me think. I'll talk to Pete and see what solution we can find. OK? I know for many years, I know how you have been as the mother of your children, and I have no doubt all the love you'd be able to offer Joey.

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