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Put at the service of work contexts, these features can make a difference in the results that are achieved. In particular, spoke of willingness (motivation the fulfillment of a goal-oriented), realistic optimism (confidence in the positive resolution of future events), resilience (ability to cope with adverse or risky conditions steadily), and self-confidence (security in their own capabilities to achieve the proposed targets add to respect Simon on the subject, that the studies conducted so far show a relationship between psychological capital of a professional level and their performance in the company.) Especially in the current times it is clear that persons who possess large doses of resilience and realistic optimism will be more prepared to deal with moments of uncertainty or adverse circumstances. In this sense, IE School of Psychology are initiating a study with the network of student of EI on the relationship between psychological capital and the success of his management career. In the same way, the combination of traits like willingness and self-confidence increased tenacity in achieving objectives. In addition, persons who possess them tend to generate visions of business more long-term, which is an essential feature to achieve sustainability, one of the major aspirations of the companies currently.

Be considered indicates once again Simon, that the model of psychological capital is very recent, and therefore we can not make a fine adjustment on the measurement of each of its components or its ideal balance. Yes there are already tools of psychological capital measure, and in this respect it should be noted the work Fred Luthans is doing in the Leadership Institute of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Luthans is the father of the concept, which has proved to apply the basic principles of what is called the Positive psychology that deals with studying human behavior from their strengths and positive factors – to the world of work and organizations.

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