Managing Director Ralf Brinschwitz

With newly developed RC helicopter models made of aluminum launches the Brigamo GmbH in the second half of 2010 Brigamo – rapidly in the second half of the year with two new RC helicopter models with newly developed RC helicopter models of aluminum launches the Brigamo GmbH in the second half of 2010. The remote controlled RC helicopter gold pilot and kyanite have been co-developed by Brigamo and impressively forward-looking design and technical excellence. With we set new standards in the market segment of the IR mini helicopter our new mini helicopters with aluminium frame”, the two Brigamo explain Managing Director Ralf Brinschwitz and Michael Gassmann to the many technical finesses of the RC helicopter belongs E.g. the aluminium alloy frame, the gyro gyro stability system and the tri-band technology: This means that three different Frequenzen(A,B,C) on the transmitter are adjustable and therefore three friends can simultaneously play, without that the frequencies interfere with gegeinseitig. Thanks to the powerful coaxial double rotor system with gyro * and the 140 mAh Li-Po battery for it worried that the helicopters rapidly rises into the air, stable hovering in the air and can be controlled very well 360 in all directions. The two models are available as of June 15, 2010 under. Of course, the two RC delivered helicopters as “Ready-to-Run”, which means that they are ready for use immediately without further.

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