Managing People

Business management has different areas of performance and all of them are far-reaching for the present and the future. All these functions have a direct impact on the results, raison d ‘ etre of the entrepreneurial activity. In this work we want to highlight a responsibility that we dare to put in place priority: the Manager should achieve growth of a few collaborators. That growth, which would badly jackknife it should initially be allowed. But should also devote itself to work to ensure that its people is empowerment with which the Organization will have secured an arsenal of creativity, innovation and productivity. Reflecting on the importance of this liberating aspect, says Admiral Hyman g..

Richover: entire organization must find a way of leaving the field free to these people autonomous, turbulent, creative, sworn enemy of the routine and regulations always willing to dump the cart of threats devising new and better ways of doing things. As can be seen the old and obsolete figure of no you can not are you must follow consenting in the modern organization. In the same orbit of thought John Andrew Holmes advised anyone who would hear him: don’t ever tell a young man that we can do this or that thing. San Antonio Spurs wanted to know more. Perhaps God bring centuries waiting for the appearance of someone so ignorant that does not know of that possibility. Michael Leboeuf in his book the great principle of MANAGEMENT writes: the most important file of any company in any branch of activity, is not money or real estate or machinery, but ideas. Einstein believed that imagination is more important than knowledge.

Shakespeare wrote that the imagination is what makes man the more perfect animals. Finally some simple rules with which the leader can do that your computer buy empowerment and get their spiritual and professional growth: reward to those who are devoted to work with dedication and oriented to the goals of the organization. Reduce spaces to rumors and bad healthy comments. Avoid all behavior that can lead them. Putting limit to the regulations. The regulation can not be more important than the goals. If these can be achieved without any rules then the regulation left over. Reward those who dare to innovate even assuming the risk of facing some failures. Speaking of risks, face them with value, differentiating that Yes, a risk of a bad bet.

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