In contrast to the district of the Medina, Gueliz constitutes the most modern part of the city of Marrakesh. It was constructed by the French and it is the residential zone of the rich Moroccans and the European. Its name comes from the French word glise, church, since it was there where it was built, during the time of the protectorate, the unique catholic temple of the city. Architectonic, Gueliz is a district very varied where some colonial buildings coexist (few), structures of years 80, small single-family villas and constructions of apartments of luxury just released. It is the ideal zone if we want to buy European products. Although in the zocos of the Medina one is almost of everything, we cannot accede to the marks of clothes like Zara or to restaurants like McDonalds. We could say that in this Gueliz sense an European relief is for the Colonising French. The atmosphere is metropolitan and modern and the infernal traffic.

Too many green zones do not exist, with the exception of the gorgeous park the Harti. It is acceded comfortably in taxi and bus and great amount of hotels of all the prices exists. If it is wanted to look for an pleasant site where to rest of the frenetic activity of the Medina, Gueliz offers wonderful sites like the legendary Coffee of the Post, the oldest coffee of Marrakesh, constructed at the time of the protectorate, where it is possible to be gone to have lunch or to take an ice cream or a tea to the mint. The treatment of los/as camareros/as is charming, an ideal site to go with nios/as. Like it happens with the hotels, exist restaurants for all the pockets; from places where to buy fast food to elegantsimos restaurants that offer spectacles of dance of the belly and varieties.

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