Material Civilization

A search always begins with the luck of the nascent one and finishes with the test of the conqueror. Paulo Coelho says, that the gnsticos were true dissidents in the old world, As Antonio Piero remembers us, the matter, the Universe, which happened here down, was bad. Nothing of the material civilization, than yearned for the other mortals, mattered to them: In its place they fomented the purely spiritual and intellectual values, with the purpose of to arrive at the mother country, the rest of the sky, the union with the mysterious God. Nevertheless, they did not use to retire to the deserts nor lived the solitary existence on the monk or the hermit hermit. The gnsticos generally tried to live within the normal groups of Christians, although internamente separated, enjoying its revelations in a species from I exile voluntary interior: And, not to fall in the deceits of the matter, they used to take an ascetic existence and of resignation. The Gnosticism was denounced by Christian theologians Ireneo, Hiplito and Tertuliano.

In century III, Merciful Alexandria it dealed with to formulate an orthodox Christian Gnosticism to explain the difference in the perfection obtained by the individuals in its answer to the gospel. Gradually the Gnosticism was fused in the maniquesmo. Today, the Mandeos is the unique surviving gnstica sect. The investigation of the scholars was strongly supported when in 1945 a gnstica library was discovered copta near Naj Hammadi (Naj Hammadi Papyri), in the Egypt Stop We remember, that in 1945 a library of gnsticos manuscripts in Nag Hammadi was open pie (Egypt), that has allowed a better knowledge of its doctrines, previously only known through appointments, rebuttals, vindications and heresiologas realised by Parents of the Church. According to the Christians the Gnosticism was founded by Magical Simn, personage who appears in a narration in Facts of the apostles in the New Testament.

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