Medieval Style Wedding

Imagine … Hear the sounds of medieval music. You are greeted at the entrance to the knight in shining armor and beautiful maid of honor, bows to the outside, are small talk, was escorted to the hall decorated for the celebration. Here flows leisurely medieval life. Noble warriors are preparing for the tournament at the heart of beautiful ladies, squires while away the game of dice, a maid of honor entertain the guests dancing and games … Heralds Announce tournament.

The strongest of warriors receive location blogorodnyh Fair Lady, her hand and heart. Glitter blades, a ring of steel – a spectacular show … The winner takes the helmet is suitable for lady, is on one knee and kissed his hand favorite … King and Queen hold a dedication ceremony the groom in chivalry. Sweep the front blade, the solemn sounds of music and words of the oath … This is not the story of the historical novel, not the film footage about the Middle Ages, and the script custom wedding and romantic holiday, which we are happy to embody for you. Spectacular show, unexpected turns of events, unusual games and rides – will surprise your guests! A busy dance program: the medieval palace, the peasant, the fantasy dances, dances, ceremonies. Not only can you enjoy the colorful spectacle, but also participate in master classes – to learn a somewhat complicated pas pavans or volts. Exclusive fire show will be the best end of the holiday. People living at the mercy of the fire – a truly fascinating sight! Machinery ownership ogennymi torches, poles, etc. poyami Fights on fire arms, dancing with fire – and acrobatics choreography, combined with a dangerous element.

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