Middle Ages

may also be made unclean by the dead body of her sister, still a virgin, if not to have belonged to no man, was his close relative '" . A passage that corroborates Ezekiel 44, 25: "No person acercarn dead to not defile, but the father, mother, son, daughter, brother, the sister who has no husband, if they can become contaminated. "As we see, was only allowed to touch the dead to the immediate family. In this case, the author of the icon made it clear once again the close relative relationship of Mary Magdalene bore about Jesus. The rest of the iconography also referred to the relationship between it and Jesus. In fact, reiterates the same idea, as we see another icon where it appears with unmistakable signs of pregnancy. Finally, the possible descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was witnessed by the author of the altarpiece in one of the icons, where we can watch together Magdalena and her two offspring, in this case of twin girls.

(see photo on website author) Mary Magdalene pregnant with the cross – Mary Magdalene with the twin girls for Magdalena Iconography with twin girls, taken by the hand and arms. "Evidence of the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene? This altarpiece was also noted in iconographic form of an ancient tradition that, despite the hostility of the Church, sent throughout the Middle Ages. Basically, collect the following message: – social status of Mary Magdalene on the icon of the princess, with the inscription of IVSTICIA – Wife of Jesus, dressed in mourning after the crucifixion, with the palm of martyrdom, also witnessed the martyrdom to which was submitted its report to be presented as a prostitute, when in the Bible there is no basis to identify with the character of the evangelical sinful.

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