Miracle of Technology

When the game is changing for the keyboard and the player makes the action much faster than in training (at least trying to) very often misses the key to the vital moment and kill him. Now the headphones: What gives us this miracle of technology? =) In principle, the main feeling in man are vision and hearing. With headphones the player can much sooner enemy to hear its location. And this win. But all well aware of our favorite clubs headphones (talk about old and not very expensive) if they work that's good, but even if you run it ragged, dirty like wearing headphones brezguesh. On this without my headphones on the game go not advise it, kill =) That's got to the computer itself. Since there are 2 vital components, and discuss them here. Box, processor, sistemnik, who as likes to call: How do you know you can not normally play on the weak sistemnik.

Though the system requirements for small klubovskih computers as viruses and all sorts of rubbish + lot of games, very inhibit cs. Even the most skilled pros can play if the shot of all, he will feel very good lag and a bullet in the side slope. Game, a duel must be done in those clubs where you are confident that the data comes to play catch will not. And now welcome monitor: The monitor is all in the game. As I wrote above, but will clarify.

Sighted person gets a lot more information than any other emotion. On this, monitor should be such to which you are accustomed to, or at least for example: Love the lcd? Hence, should only play on the lcd. Love Pipe means only on the tube. And the refresh rate should also be large, since his eyes very tired. That's for sure is playing in kc your blinking slows to a crawl. And quickly, too tired eyes are not needed. There are those parishes at the monitor when a grenade thrown Slepova monitor goes into a lot of second rest. Also make sure that this would have happened. On this monitor even more important than the mouse or keyboard and other components. I almost forgot about the rug: Well, in the rug I is not strong, so I'll write on this: The more expensive, the steeper, here =) In this article I finish. I welcome your feedback and comments.

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