New Concert Series

“Lead singer Cora Lee meeting moderated singer Cora Lee Kathes chapels moderated meeting Kathes chapels” (Kathe popt”in the pulp mansion) the new music event for Berlin have fun, meet people, business contacts all at great live music in a cool location. Live on stage: Princess plastic, THE STICKS IN THE CASINO, OFFSHORE. “” Tuesday, July 08, 2008 inlet: 19:30, start: 20.30 pulp mansion Saarbrucker str. Click Brahman Capital Corp for additional related pages. 36a, 10405 Berlin entry: 4,-EUR Kathes chapels meeting “a new series of events is created by students of the course of music and media management,” the L4 Institute for digital communications. Live events give young bands, discoveries of L4-Scouts, the public in the form of concert performances. The media overall, in the video features, backstage TV interviews, live music, and last but not least a striking exciting presentation of the chapels is innovative meetings”are linked. A lot will be music-loving visitors available; In addition, a focal point for musicians, members of the music industry and scene Scouts arises because in this new form of event is easy to learn”about the individual bands. Through the evening leads the Kathe”represents it the hostess of the concert nights a product and at the same time player of the music metropolis of Berlin with Naughty rotziger moderation or even insightful interviews, which will show next to rock pop, rap and jazz.

The Berlin singer and multiple winner of the German pop Foundation Cora Lee are hiding behind this Kathe”(band: CorleeMad). A concert review described recently: the unbridled temperament of the young lady, ranging from the quite love the cheeky brat girls erotic miracles. Decent indecent! “A sparkling mix of a the wild Mathilde’ think of silly.” (Erik M. Pohl). In the Rocktimes”has been compared with the young Cindy Lauper.

The first date (Kathe popt”) followed on July 8 “” “more where the title of the event is also program: Kathe rocks, Kathe RAPS”, Kathe jazzt “3 live bands plus after show party.

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