New Opportunity

It allowed to produce himself who convinces before casting. That is, to the exclusion of the public in the HavelPark instead of the 7 and January 14, each of 12 to 17. Reservations are not necessary if you’d like, join, sings. Keep eyes and ears open will see another chance-inventor and producer Jurgen Buchholz, who also again gathered a music-loving jury for the live shows around. There are including pop singer, composer and producer Michael Hansen, entertainer Karl-Heinz Wendorff and singer Klaus Beyer.

As a presenter, singer Antje Klann is with part of the game. The judges and presenter will have their debut on January 28, when the best live must prove itself first before casting on the stage in front of audience. Henceforth go hand in hand preliminary castings (07.01, 14.01, 04.02, 18 or 25.02, 17.03., 14.04.) and the live shows (11.02, preliminaries, 24.03, 28.04), until 9 may 2012 final is reached. Then, the ten best talents get the chance to get the victory. The winner will receive its own CD production, which includes a song written on the body, together with the photo shoot. So, uses the chance 2012 “! “Info-Hotline: 03338 / 604840. venue: EKZ Havel Park Doberitzer WEG 3, Dallgow, 14624 Dallgow-Doberitz that chance” is open to all, the final run-in last showed the chance 2011. There was a 40-year old (Karl Heinz Kaiser) place three, an 11 year old (Charline Woldt) on Court two and the 65 year old Klaus Jacob ranked.

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