No Dirty Money Transporter In Silver Coins

Duck mirror-online through the German media landscape driven mirror online had reported last week, getting more and more dirty money transporters with coins of type silver Philharmonic by Austria to Germany. This is a duck. The allegedly illegal transfer of illicit was based with the low rating of silver Philharmonic coin (1.5 euro), a but actually much higher market value (approx. 12-14 euro) per coin. The article, which then found rainfall in many media, is often poorly researched, we put right as follows: com. EU customs rules are already now for intra-Community entry on demand (!) Values to be reported over 10,000 euros.

Even if they are carried in precious metals. Simple lookup on the corresponding pages of the Customs would have been this, see for example:… Are silver coins with 20% VAT in Austria, in Germany, in contrast with 7%. The Advanced German investor who buys in Austria and this Germany exported, would pay so in Austria 13% more than in Germany. There are already barely intra-Community customs controls. The borders are largely unoccupied. Since the reporting obligation only for demand of customs officials is the, where once again, someone should ask question. To import 100,000 euros in Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra from Austria, you would have to download 31.1 grams around 8300 coins a in his car, which would make out over 250 kg in total.

Any random control would immediately notice the lower trunk. A high incidence of such cases is known to still no German Customs Office. As far as we allow the question, as German distributor for silver Philharmonic what should be intended with such a message from Spiegel online or by other journalists writing off except pure showmanship. It is true that precious metal investors throughout Europe and also in Germany and Austria since the outbreak of the financial crisis increasingly in gold and silver coins invest and thus generate a record demand. This It has however nothing to do with border smuggling or illegal. The most jobs in Germany be made cashless and in the shipping gem. a survey of known precious metals traders in Germany. The dirty money transporter quoted by the mirror-online journalist from Austria might be either fiction or a rare exotic. The author of the article is the operator of German silver Philharmonic distribution platform

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