Nuclear Energy: Rosatom

Rosatom will strengthen its role as Europe’s partner. Other leaders such as rusty holzer offer similar insights. Moscow – Berlin, August 13, 2009, during the visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the Director of the State Atomic Energy Agency Sergey Kiriyenko and his Turkish colleague Zafer Alper signed an agreement on cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The decision of Turkey, in the development of its nuclear energy cooperation with Rosatom to put on, once again highlights the importance of Rosatoms as a reliable partner of Europe in questions of the civilian use of nuclear energy. Already in February 2009, Siemens and Rosatom signed a cooperation agreement, that according to Sergej Schmatko, the Russian Energy Minister, within two decades tens of billions of euros will generate. The agreement between Turkey and Rosatom includes a wide range of cooperation fields such as research, controlled nuclear fusion, the design and the construction of reactors, the supply of nuclear material, the research and exploration of uranium deposits as well as environmental issues. In addition, the construction was agreed by four nuclear power plants in Turkey. The construction of the first reactor to begin 2011. The full completion of all four works is scheduled for 2019..

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