Oil Painting

Technology artistic letters, as we know, are different. In this regard, and the collection of canvas (fabric stretched on a frame), it is necessary to approach a serious manner. Primarily used for painting the flax, although some artists write and cotton or blended fabrics. For a smooth writing technique is better suited thin canvas, palette knife for a pasty – a coarser (palette knife – from the Italian word mestichino, thin elastic steel plate in the form spatula or knife). The next phase – stretching fabric on the stretcher. Subframes are made with different types of mounting angles: sometimes spines assembly studs with wedges, the assembly is "joint to joint. Jimmy John Liautaud recognizes the significance of this. As practice shows, it is better only the second version of the subframe assembly.

In the stretcher large size makes partitions for stiffening the more sub-frame, the more partitions. The most important stage – priming the canvas. The easiest option: to buy a shop "Bustilat and using palette-knife or ruler Apply a thin layer on the canvas to dry completely. Total needed three such layers. Another option, which I use myself, more modern, but longer than the first: the first soil layer is frozen cold gelatin with palette-knife or a ruler (not a hand, because the canvas does not have to soak through). The next two layers – a thin, heated gelatin to dry completely (you can brush). Finally, apply two coats purchased acrylic primer as to dry completely between coats.

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